Pick-Your-Own Tulips in Ardmore, Tennessee

I love flowers! I’ve always enjoyed sharing this love with my kids. I’m excited for the growing opportunities from our local farmers to pick-your-own flowers throughout the year in their seasonal flower fields.

In March, Tulip Fields come to life with their colorful, fluffy blooms. It’s absolutely breathtaking! Tulips are a type of spring-blooming bulbous flower that typically bloom for a relatively short period of time each year. The exact bloom time for tulips can vary depending on a number of factors, including the variety of tulip, the location of the growing area, and the weather conditions during the growing season. Right now, the flowers are at the peak of beauty and fragrance. If you’ve never experienced a tulip field, add it to your Spring list. And, plan to go quickly as they won’t be in bloom for much longer.

The kids have been on Spring Break this week and picking tulips was on our list. I was really excited when Sara found Bookend Farms, a hidden gem of a farm in Ardmore, Tennessee that is offering their first year of Pick-Your-Own Tulips!

Bookend Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in Ardmore, Tennessee just 20 minutes North of our hometown, Athens, Alabama.

The farm specializes in growing tulips and other specialty cut flowers and organic produce, This year, they are offering tickets for their Pick-Your-Own Tulip Field days. Tickets are limited and you must buy a ticket in advance for a time slot to be able to pick flowers and visit their farm.

We bought tickets for Wednesday morning from 10:00-11:30. We arrived around 10:30 and checked in with the owner, Stephanie. She shared about the different varieties and kinds of tulips they grew, the best way to pick the tulips, and how walk in the field to keep the tulips healthy and happy. We were excited to learn that we were able to keep the bulbs that came up when pulling our tulips! My mother-in-law loves planting flowers so she’s going to grow some for next year, and I’m excited for the kids to see that process!

We got to cuddle baby goats and shop soaps from Sinking Creek Soaps. I loved that there were Easter themed soaps like bunny bath bombs and paint your own bunny and egg bath bombs to add to Easter baskets!

We had so much fun visiting Bookend Farms during Tulip Season. And, can’t wait for their whole farm tour in May! Click here to get tickets to Pick-Your-Own Tulips and to see all they offer.

Tips for Visiting a Flower Field:

  1. Wear boots or shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. (pro tip: tie a trash bag over your shoes if you forget and it’s really muddy).
  2. Check the weather and dress accordingly. Let kids wear their play clothes so they can play and enjoy!
  3. Be sure to put flowers in water as quickly as possible to keep them fresh!
  4. Be sure to charge your smartphone so it’s fully charged, take photos, and enjoy!!

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