Create your own Fairy Play Kit

Our girls are obsessed with fairies. Whether its Tinkerbell, Dew Drops, the tooth fairy, or your standard garden fairy, our girls are obsessed with fairies. After a trip to Cheaha State Park Fairy Garden, Irene was inspired to create her own fairy garden kit. Rather than set up a static fairy garden space in their yard, Irene created an adorable, portable kit that allows the kids to set up their own fairy gardens wherever we go. On our most recent camping trip to Joe Wheeler State Park, we had six kids in our group. They each of them took a turn designing and creating a fairy world all their own. It was so sweet to watch and also kept them entertained for a long time.

We have enjoyed this so much that we wanted to write a guide on creating a portable fairy play kit of your own. It’s a great way to keep the little ones entertained in the great outdoors, inspires creativity, and encourages imaginative play. Of note, most of the items in our fairy kit came from Amazon. The links below are affiliate links, if you use one of these links we may earn a small commission with no additional cost to you. We have also found fairy garden items at the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, estate sales, and Walmart. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your own magical play kit.

Find a Suitable Container

Look for a sturdy, portable container (ours is currently sold out at Walmart, but these target and Joann ones are affordable and look similar) to hold all the fairy goodies. A small backpack or a tote bag would work, but we prefer the visibility a plastic storage bin. The divided area on top is great for sorting the various items, while the large area below holds the larger items like the Lil Woodzeez or Mushroom Fairy Houses.

Gather Materials

Collect items that can be used to create a magical fairy world. There are lots of fun ways Some ideas include:

  • Miniature fairy figurines: Look for small figures that resemble fairies, animals, and other magical creatures. You can find them at craft stores or toy stores, and mostly conveniently on Amazon.
  • Our kids have particularly enjoyed the addition of small animal figurines like squirrels and bunnies to our play kit. We love the Wild Republic and Safari Limited animal sets, particularly these butterflies and frogs.
  • Natural materials: Gather small rocks, pinecones, and twigs to create fairy homes and furniture. These natural elements add an authentic touch to your fairy playkit. We usually don’t carry these items around, but gather them to use at the campsite or wherever we are playing that day.
  • Craft supplies: Include items like colored paper, markers, glitter, and glue to encourage creativity and fantasy play.
  • Fairy accessories: Add a touch of whimsy with sparkly wings, tiny crowns, mushrooms, and miniature tea sets for your little fairies.

Create your Fairy Garden

Use the natural materials you gathered to build a mini fairy village. Kids can arrange the rocks, twigs, and pinecones to create houses, pathways, and gardens for the fairies. Fragments of bark work well as a surface for the figurines, especially if covered in moss. Find a perfect spot in your yard or camping area to set up the fairy play kit. Choose a location with shade and a flat surface, so the little ones can create their fairy stories undisturbed.

Encourage imaginative play and let your children dive into their own fairy adventures. Remember, the goal is to foster creativity and imaginative play. Have fun and create magical memories with your little fairies!

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